Toby Morris is an illustrator, comic artist and designer. These days you might know him as the writer and artist behind the comic series The Pencilsword or his animated editorial cartoons for Radio New Zealand.

He is a former member of the band Batrider, former editor and publisher of Officer Pup, former artist and writer of the comic series Pirate Technics, and a current father of two. He drew, published and distributed his first comic at age 13 and since then drawn two books, over twenty comics and worked extensively within the New Zealand music industry, drawing posters and covers for the likes of The Phoenix Foundation, Liam Finn, Beastwars, and A Low Hum.

Over the past 10 years he has lived in Wellington, Melbourne and Amsterdam, and these days is based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Toby can be contacted at smokevswater at gmail.com